gfire at the pianogfire mayo has been making music, performing, and teaching here in Austin since the mid-90s. She got her start in music very early in life, beginning singing when she was just three years old. By the age of 13, she was playing both piano and guitar and at 14 she began practicing opera and art song. gfire attended the University of Maryland where she continued her study of music, focusing on vocal performance as well as piano, musical theory, and musical theater. She knew when she got out into the real world that as a musician she might not be making much money, so she worked hard through college and graduated with no student loans. Originally from Baltimore, she hated the cold and knew she wanted to move to either Austin or LA once she finished school. The art scene and aesthetics, along with the lower cost of living and home prices when she moved in the mid-90s, ultimately drew her to Austin.

Today, it helps to wear many hats if you are a musician. When gfire came to Austin in the mid-90s she was doing a lot of open mic nights and other gigs when she realized she needed some kind of day job. That is when she started teaching singing and piano. She found that a lot of people wanted to learn how to play guitar while they were singing so she began to offer guitar lessons as well. She is also trained in songwriting and can assist there. gfire is passionate about her work and loves that she is able to share her knowledge to help her students grow.

How to Support gfire and Other Local Musicians

Since Covid-19 precautions were put in place, gfire has not been playing at local venues. However, Opa Coffee & Wine Bar is a place that she would often play at and she is hopeful she will be able to return soon. While she has been taking time off from playing live shows she has focused her energy on doing some concerts on Facebook live as well as working on creating new music to release. You can purchase her music anytime on

With housing prices continuing to rise, gfire worries artists will be priced out of Austin. gfire encourages everyone to go out and see live music and find artists they like on social media, bandcamp to purchase their songs, and sign up for their mailing lists. They need all the help they can get!

You may have recently moved and purchased a home in Mueller or Windsor Park and are looking for someone nearby who offers singing, piano, or guitar lessons. gfire teaches all ages and levels ranging from kids just starting out to singers in bands and performers in community theater. You can reach gfire through her website to inquire about lessons.

Check out my full interview with gfire on YouTube to learn more about her music and teaching style!

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