Entrance to the building of GC Cleaners & Laundry with their sign and logo that says "GC Cleaners & Laundry" A Local, Family-Owned Business

Meet Albert Gonzalez – he and his family own and operate GC Cleaners & Laundry. You can find them just a short distance from Mueller right across Airport Boulevard, in east Austin’s Cherrywood neighborhood! GC takes pride in being a one-stop shop for clothing needs from washing and dry cleaning to speedy alterations. They first opened their doors in November of 2016 and have been a staple in the community since. With community support they have persevered throughout the challenging COVID-19 pandemic due.

GC's main entrance, with a sign announcing free pick up and deliveryGreat Prices and Promos at GC Cleaners & Laundry

GC Cleaners relies primarily on their loyal customers who keep coming back. In order to show appreciation to these loyal customers, they have a promotion where you get 5% cash-back in-store credit for every $100 you spend with them. Despite the already affordable prices, they often offer various promotions throughout the year.

Freshly dry cleaned clothes, seen from the windowsTake a Look Inside GC Cleaners & Laundry

In my YouTube interview with Albert, he gives us an up-close look behind the scenes at the laundry machines used in each step of the dry cleaning process at GC. Albert also goes into detail about his story, the shop’s history, and the process of dry cleaning and alterations as they are done at GC Cleaners & Laundry. Make sure to visit GC Cleaners’ website for even more information!



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