Chef Tiffany standing at Roots Chicken Shak at H-E-B Mueller Food Hall

Chef Tiffany Derry

Meet Chef Tiffany Derry, a world-renowned chef, and Alumna of Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, and more! She’s co-owner of T2D Concepts, the company that operates her 3 restaurants, apparel brand, and signature spice brand (now available at H-E-B stores). T2D’s mission is to bridge the gender and racial wealth gap in the hospitality industry via gourmet food and meaningful dialogue. She now operates a fast-casual fried chicken restaurant at the Mueller H-E-B food hall.

Home: The Purpose for her Passion

Tiffany grew up with a large family, all of whom knew how to cook. Growing up, learning how to cook was an important milestone, and she and her family would often cook together. She isn’t just a hard worker now, she was just as driven when she started working at IHOP at the age of 15. She applied for a position as a cook, but they made her work as a waitress because they said, “we don’t allow women in our kitchen.” Despite the injustice, she took the job as a waitress as a starting point. Later on, her management decided they needed extra help in the kitchen and finally let her pursue her passion!

Leveling Up

After working at IHOP, Chef Tiffany would go on to get her culinary degree at the Art Institute of Houston. Once she graduated, she spent time in the industry managing restaurants and leading the kitchen as an executive chef. One day, when Chef Tiffany was in the middle of a busy shift at a restaurant at which she was executive chef, the hostess came up to her and said she had a phone call from Top Chef. At first, she thought it was a joke but it turned out to be a defining moment of her career as a chef!


In my YouTube interview with Chef Tiffany, she explains that her life was never the same after her TV debut. “After the show, I went to Paris and while I was standing on a street corner someone screamed my name. I was like…I made it!” Top Chef was the first of several culinary TV shows such as Cutthroat Kitchen, Tournament of Champions, Master Chef, and Bar Rescue.

New Roots Location in the Mueller H-E-B Food Hall

Kathy Sokolic and Chef Tiffany in front of Roots Chicken Shak

Kathy Sokolic and Chef Tiffany Derry

Chef Tiffany explains that the opportunity to open her restaurant at H-E-B Mueller food hall, Main Streat, came about as a product of doing her everyday work consistently and superbly. Without her knowing, those in charge of H-E-B ate at her Roots Chicken Shak eight times at her Plano, TX location. They loved it so much that they approached her with the offer just like Top Chef did! The Mueller H-E-B location is now open for business, so come get their signature duck-fat fried chicken wings, tenders, chicken sandwiches, and salads.


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