The median family income for Travis County is reported each year by the Department of Housing and Urban Development – HUD. It is used to establish median earnings for a give family size, and this data is used for income qualification.

For example, say you are a family of 4 wanting to participate in the City of Austin Downpayment Assistance Program or the Mueller Affordable Purchase Program, both of which have an income qualification of below 80% MFI. If you check out the latest annual release of data, which is 2010 right now, you can see that your annual household income would need to be less than $59,050 (see below)
Austin Median Family Income 2011
Likewise, if you were looking at the Mueller Affordable Rental income guidelines, that is below 60% of the median family income, which for two people is $35,460.

The revised annual HUD figures are typically released around spring of each year. The most up to date copy is normally linked at the City of Austin‘s website.

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