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The Austin Children’s Shelter – Raising Funds

We’ve been raising a family in Mueller Austin since 2008 and sometimes take for granted the quality of life we enjoy here. For us, it’s all walking to the Thinkery, well-lit streets with generous sidewalks, a plethora of parks and places to bicycle and feed ducks.

We also have The Austin Children’s Shelter in our neighborhood which “provides residential and non-residential services to children, youth, and families recovering from abuse and neglect”. You can see some of the success stories on their website and get an idea of the role they play in providing positive outcomes for those in less fortunate situations than we enjoy.  I remember reading fellow Realtor Mark Strüb’s volunteer story and being inspired to learn more.


Austin Children’s Shelter – photo

In 2009 ACS moved into it’s current eight building campus in Rathgeber Village – just East of Mueller on Manor Road, and the number of people whose lives it impacts is astonishing to me.

In 2012 it provided almost 18,000 days of shelter care, with an average stay of 85 days. It provided this care with a budget of under $5.5m.

Funding comes from a number of sources – the State of Texas reimburses expenses for under a third of the funds that ACS needs each year so support from the community is essential for them to fulfill their mission.

How to Help Austin Children’s Shelter

There are many different ways to help ACS, and here are just a couple.

  • volunteering – getting involved individually or in a group or as part of the ACS Guild
  • giving – either a single or recurring donation, buying a brick for the “Pave the Way” program, or choosing businesses that support the shelter.
  • events – attending or supporting events like the Flashback retro dance party, or the ACS Gala. Tickets for the Flashback party on February 21st are available now.

In a few short weeks, the Care Academy opens to combine childhood education and parent coaching. This program is designed to help keep families intact after Child Protective Services have been working with a reported family. The training attempts to change an at risk family’s outcome before child removal is necessary and includes full-time child care for children between three months and five years. ACS has asked for in-kind giving of items on this wish list. It opens on February 1st 2014, so please consider contributing if you can.

One of our goals here at Sherlock Homes Austin is to support the Austin Children’s Shelter. Recently we have purchased 10 tickets to the Flashback event and will be giving them away to our clients and supporters in the coming weeks. As always, please get in touch at 512 215 4785 if you have any questions about Mueller Austin real estate.


  1. GarrethWilcock

    on   said 

    I just got this update from ACS – can you believe it? 162k miles driven

    In 2013 ACS:
    – Provided 17,579 days of care for 204 children and youth.
    – Helped children cope with trauma by providing 751 hours of therapy.
    – Kids at ACS need to visit family, go on recreational outings, to court appointments, sports practice, the dentist and more — and we drive them there. In fact, we made 7,695 trips and drove 162,007 miles taking our kids where they needed to go!
    – 55,698 healthy meals and snacks were served.

  2. Garreth Wilcock

    on   said 

    Now in 2015 we’re sponsoring ACS Flashback again – we have two pairs of VIP tickets to give away. Check over at for details

  3. GarrethWilcock

    on   said 

    We’re giving away four VIP tickets to the 2016 Flashback 80s and 90s dance party which benefits Austin Children’s Shelter and SafePlace – there’s a simple contest you can enter to win on the home page of this website!


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