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Paggi Square

Paggi Square is a pocket park in Section 6 of the Mueller Austin development. It is part of the 140 acres of green space in the 711 acre site, and is located between Ruiz Street and Page Street at 2101 Robert Browning Street.

Paggi Square Waterfall

David Weekley yard homes being completed in the background

It takes the name of Michael Paggi, born Michal Phegi, an Italian entrepreneur who studied in France and lived here in Austin and also lends his name to the Paggi House restaurant. He famously set up a carriage and wagon dealership on what is now East Sixth Street in the 1870s, which I guess makes him the vintage equivalent of Charles Maund of Toyota dealership fame. Paggi died a few years after Pétanque was invented in France, a game similar to the Italian bocce. Perhaps Paggi played the game which now seems set to come to the park named after him in Mueller.

PAggi Square Austin

The rules of Paggi Square

My favorite features of Paggi Square are as follows:

  • Shade. Given that the site was once the airport serving Austin, trees are typically young and small. Paggi Square has a bunch of decent shade trees and benches from which to enjoy them. It also has a pergola which affords some shade. Rather than having outdoor workouts in the grassy Lake Park, why don’t people train in the shade of Paggi Square?
  • Focal point. I like the fact that a large barrage of cluster mailboxes are along the side of the park on Robert Browning Street for a few reasons. First, it gives a barrier between the park and what might be one of the main cut-through roads between Mueller Boulevard and Berkman Drive – both key roads that feed from 51st Street. Secondly, it gives me an excuse to linger in the area and a chance to see my neighbors sitting on their porches. I’ll be honest, the cluster mailbox was right outside the master bedroom window at our first home in Mueller, and that was convenient but annoying. At first when we got to our new home in Section 6, I thought walking a few blocks to get the mail would be annoying, and I planned on stopping alongside the mailboxes in my car on the way home. Now, I look forward to the walk and casual encounters with neighbors.
  • The waterfall. Now, I’ve long had my heart set on a splash pad in Mueller, but perhaps this would be more appropriate in the public space around the town center – something like the one at the Triangle perhaps. But the provision of running water certainly adds something relaxing to the park.
  • The stage. There’s a little elevated patio area that I call the stage – it’s opposite the grassy knoll at the other end of the park. I like the idea of a stage for small events. The press release calls it a trellised terrace, but I find stage to be less of a tongue twister.

The park was designed with input from the Heart of Texas Pétanque Club, and so should be a venue for some matches of the metal ball tossing game which I describe more in Pétanque at Mueller.

Paggi Square Stage

Trellised Terrace, trellised terrace, trellised terrace

Surrounding the park will be the Mueller Shop Houses – 3 story homes which feature a commercial space on the ground floor, so smaller neighborhood oriented businesses will be around the park, as shown in the annotated lot map below. These have not yet begun construction at the time of the park’s official opening – 1st June 2013, though many are sold according to the builder, Homes By Avi.


Shop Houses to flank Paggi Square

Garreth Wilcock is a REALTOR who has lived at Mueller since 2008, and now lives in Section 6. Get in touch if you would like to know more about life at Mueller, or about homes for sale. 512 215 4785.