New Homes At Mueller


Streetman, David Weekley and Homes By Avi have the only remaining new homes for market rate buyers in Section 6

The new homes of Mueller’s latest section are rattling along to completion at a great pace in 2013. Right now the only builder with market rate home availability is Streetman Homes – they have Courtyard Row Homes which should be complete by the end of 2013, and additional Courtyard Row Homes and Row Homes still being released. In addition David Weekley are about to start selling their new row homes in November 2013.

The affordable new homes buyer has slightly more choice – from Standard Pacific condos, and Streetman Row Homes.

To say that we’re in a sellers’ market in 2013 is an understatement, so to get up to date information, get in touch!

When is the next section being released? There are no official announcements, though the developer expects more homes near the Town Center, and also on the other side of the now-fully-open Berkman Drive as the next steps. I wouldn’t anticipate any news on these until the conclusion of Section 6.

More information about Section 6 as new homes are built at Mueller:

  • 30 Yard Houses [completely sold – I moved from Section 4 to Section 6 to be in one of them!] by Standard Pacific and David Weekley, who have both built yard homes in the neighborhood. These are 35′ wide lots – in the past Stan Pac has built on 45′ wide and David Weekley have built on 35′, 55′ and the zero lot line Garden Court Homes
  • 62 Row Houses [partially sold – get on the waiting list for the new releases! – Streetman are still releasing through 2013] from Streetman. Streetman built their icon series / flex homes on Berkman, and David Weekley have built the bulk of the Row Homes in the neighborhood so far.
  • 14 Row Homes – these are David Weekley’s new market row homes and are selling in four buildings. They include fire suppression systems and tankless water heaters. Selling now!
  • 42 Garden Homes [sold – though sometimes contracts fall through- get on the waiting list for these] from David Weekley who have just built 49 Garden Homes between Threadgill and Hermalinda at the edge of the development near the old control tower.
  • 24 Mueller House Condominiums [coming soon] in four buildings by Standard Pacific who have just built ten buildings of 40 condos.
  • 35 Courtyard Row Houses [selling now! get in touch to find out when the builder releases new ones] from Streetman – this is a new housing style in the neighborhood.
  • 14 Shop Houses [sales under way in 4 buildings and two phases]- this is another new housing style to the development, with two rows of seven homes along the edges of a park space and the builder is Canadian firm Homes By Avi.

In addition to Section 6, Section 5 is completed.

  • 3 Town Houses [sold]by Alan Muskin who built half of the Garden Homes and many of the custom homes on Camacho Street.
  • Mueller House Condominiums [sold out] by Standard Pacific
  • 4 Custom Homes [sold] on Mattie Street on some of the largest lots in the neighborhood by David Weekley.

There were five prior phases of development up to 2011, and the 2012/2013 homes represent Section 6. Possible Section 7 areas might be around the Tower District, which may start development on the opposite side of Berkman, the Town Center area as it grows, and towards the Market District. All of this is under wraps right now – this is just my opinion as to where development is moving next in 2013 and beyond.

As a buyer’s agent, I specialize in representing buyers of new homes at Mueller, and the best thing about that is that it doesn’t cost any more to hire the expert – in fact it doesn’t cost you anything at all. If you are considering buying a new home, please get in touch early on in the process and I will make sure that you can be represented – I live a few minutes walk from all the model homes, so don’t hesitate to call my cell 512 215 4785 if you’re in the area. Alternatively, just mention that you’re working with Garreth Wilcock at Sherlock Homes Austin when you first talk to the builder representatives, and we can take it from there. I have worked on many home purchases with each of the named builders above, and can bring my experience to make your experience easier.

The development started with a pioneer phase – governed largely by a lottery system. The second phase followed hot on the heels, and then the third phase. Section four and section five followed this, and the latest swathe of new construction is section six. Details of section seven have not been released as yet.

Check out homes for sale (not including all new homes). Better yet, if you’re considering buying a new home, get in touch or call / text 512 215 4785.