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New Homes At Mueller

Last Few Detached Homes in Mueller Section 9B


Lot plan showing 3 more detached homes

There are only three more blue stars – available 37′ wide lots to build a new David Weekley detached home in Section 9B. As ever, David Weekley don’t put all of their available homes on websites – you have to know when they’re coming and be ready.

There are also four more sited on McBee – a hop, skip and a jump from the new Town Center Park.

New Homes in Mueller Section 9

David Weekley Homes New Row Homes


New Row Homes

David Weekley have their new row homes on sale at present, and you can see the overview here.


New Market Rate Homes

Home StyleBuildersBeds Size (Sq. Ft.)Price Range
Yard Homes – DetachedDavid Weekley Homes3-41,928 – 2,498$500,000 - $600,000
Yard Homes – DetachedStreetman Homes3 - 41,938 - 2,491 $500,000+
Yard Homes – DetachedWes Peoples32,694$715,000+
Yard Homes – DetachedStandard Pacific Homes 37′ lots32,193$531,000
Yard Homes – DetachedStandard Pacific Homes 75′ lots3 - 42,637 - 2,874$615,000 - $700,000
Yard Homes – DetachedCenterra Yard Home3 - 42,575 - 3,478$749,990 - $989,990
Garden Homes – DetachedDavid Weekley Homes2-3 1,295 - 1,812$400,000+
Garden Court Homes – DetachedCenterra Homes 31,900 - 2,800$500,000+
Row Homes – AttachedStandard Pacific32,331 – 2,384 $540,000+
Row Homes – AttachedDavid Weekley2 - 41,653 - 2,021$450,000+
Row Homes – AttachedThe Muskin Company31,800$535,000+
Town Green Row Homes – AttachedDavid Weekley2 - 31,295 – 1,462$390,000+
Town Green Row Homes – AttachedStandard Pacific Homes42,126 - 2,201$499,000+
Courtyard Row Homes – AttachedStandard Pacific Homes43,133 - 3,682 $805,000 - $820,000
Courtyard Row Homes – AttachedStreetman Homes31,940 - 2,280 $500,000+
Yard HomesWes Peoples32,835 - 2,844$769,900 - $789,900
Yard HomesCalAtlantic Homes3 - 42,170$555,990 - $558,990
Yard HomesCalAtlantic Homes3 - 42,188$563,990 - $565,990
Yard HomesCalAtlantic Homes32,185$543,990 - $549,990
Yard HomesCalAtlantic Homes3 - 42,248$569,990 - $568,990
Yard HomesDavid Weekley32,093 - 2,129$567,990 - $569,990
Yard HomesDavid Weekley42,219 - 2,294$592,990 - $597,990
Yard HomesDavid Weekley3 - 42,301 - 2,308$597,990 - $607,990
Yard HomesDavid Weekley3 - 42,317 - 2,358$617,990 - $622,990
Yard HomesDavid Weekley42,498 - 2,852$623,990 - $627,990

The plat map recorded with the City of Austin shows new homes at Mueller – 302 lots on 37 acres, so it’s going  full steam ahead!


Mueller Section 9 plat map

David Weekley Homes are now selling their new homes at Mueller in Section 9 – detached homes are available now in 2016 starting in the $500s for a yard home on a 37′ lot. Call Scott at 512 215 4785 if you want to learn more – we’ll update our site soon.

New 37’s Mueller Yard Homes by CalAtlantic has been added on the list here in Section 9. These homes have sizes ranging in 2,170 to 2,248 square feet and priced from $555,990 up to $568,990.

The 37’s Mueller Yard Homes by David Weekley are also now selling in Section 9B. The Camacho, The Gochman, The Sawgrass, The Bellarmine, and The Rainer floor plans are set to be built by late December 2016 or by early January 2017. These are 2-story-homes with sizes 2,093 – 2,852 square feet and price ranges from $567,990 to 627,990.

Mueller Section 7

The new homes at Mueller’s latest section 7 are all but complete in 2016. This is the only time I can remember when practically all types of homes including the new ones – the Town Green Row Homes – have been available for purchase at the same time. Get in touch if you want to discuss how we can assist you in your home purchase – remember that we work for free for you as a buyer, and we are happy to talk you through the options you have in both new and resale homes.

Where are the Section 7 homes?

These are around the old Control Tower, and this section will have a new pool, community garden and park. Check out the builders’ lot maps below for an idea of what’s available and where it’s available. The availability changes rapidly, so get in touch for the updated list.

It’s confusing trying to patch together all the different information on the various sites, so we’ve tried to summarize it here. There are six builders and each has a different approach to selling new homes – some release a few per month to keep up with their construction capacity, while others make them available in tranches. See our video below for a quick tour.

Market Rate Homes

The first homes are market rate homes – these are available in prices starting at around $380,000, and go up to the $800,000s, varying from a little under 1,300 sqft to a little over 3,000 sqft. There are no income or ownership restrictions on these, though the builders try to verify that you plan to owner occupy any new home they sell.

Yard Homes – Detached

These are the detached homes which often feature a compact yard or outdoor area – houses by any other name. They come on lots that are either 37′ or 45′ wide, and are 1,900 to 2,874 square feet.

Wes Peoples are new to Mueller and are building on some of the large lots on Tom Miller. They have a detached home at 2,694 sqft with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms on two stories with a balcony for around $715,000.
Streetman Homes are building on the 45′ lots – new detached homes from 1,938-2,491 sqft with 3-4 bedrooms and 2-2.5 bathrooms, prices starting from around $524,990 – $596,990. They will be on Vaughan Street, Tom Miller and McCurdy – see below.
Muskin Homes have switched from using Michael Hsu to Moore Tate for the architecture of their modern farmhouse on the larger lots. They are building three homes – with a 628sqft garage apartment on some plans. Prices for a 2,704 sqft home with garage apartment which scores 5-star in Austin Energy’s Green Building Program start in the mid $800,000s.
Standard Pacific Homes are building yard homes on 37′ and 45′ lots. The 37′ lots feature homes like the Blakesley with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms at around 2,193 sqft at $531,000. The 45′ lots sees a return to the floor plans of Section 4 – the Carothers, Littlefield and Blanton which range from 2,637-2,874 sqft with 3-4 bedrooms and 3 bathroooms, priced from $615,000 to the low $700,000s. See below.

David Weekley Homes are building yard homes in Section 7C2 with the same floor plans as Section 6 – The Antone, Sawgrass, Woolworth, Rainier and McElroy. These two story homes range from 1,928 – 2,498 sqft with 3-4 bedrooms and 2.5-3 bedrooms, starting in the low $500,000s up to just under $600,000. The Antones are the only yard homes with a master bedroom on the lower floor and start at around $535,000.

We have an up-to-date list of new yard homes in Mueller in 2016.

Garden Homes – Detached

These are detached homes which face a common shared area which is maintained by the HOA. They are different from the yard homes in that they are denser – built closer together on narrower lots.

David Weekley Homes are building these and they range from the 1,295 sqft 2-3 bedroom two story Waller to the 1,812 sqft 3 bedroom three story Bergstrom floor plan. You can see examples of them throughout the previous sections of development.

Garden Court Homes – Detached

Centerra Homes will be providing these These are larger than the Garden Homes but have a similar concept and larger lots. Details on these are scant from Centerra Homes – aside from sizes from 1,900-2,800 square feet and prices are set to start somewhere in the $500,000s

Then we come to the attached homes which have a confusing array of names.

Row Homes – Attached

These attached two story row homes or town homes and are being built by David Weekley Homes, Standard Pacific Homes (Section 6)  and Muskin Homes.
Standard Pacific are building badging there’s as Fourplex Row Homes in Section 6 (closer to the Town Center) – they are two story, 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom homes in a four unit building – hence the exotically titled plans A,B,C and D. They are around 2,331 – 2,384 sqft and priced around $540,000.
David Weekley are building their two story Row Homes from the current plans they have used in previous sections ranging from their 2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom Welsh at 1,653 sqft, to their 3-4 bedroom Ceilica at 2,021 sqft. Prices start at around $450,000

The Muskin Company are building more of their 1800 sqft modern two story row homes. They are built in groups of four, and are similar to the ones previous built on Threadgill – they were designed by Michael Hsu, and start at $535,000. They are most easily recognized by their metal roof.

Town Green Row Homes – Attached

These are attached homes facing an inner courtyard built by David Weekley (Section 7) and Standard Pacific (Section 6)
David Weekley are building two story homes – 1,295 – 1,462 sqft with 2.5 bathrooms over two stories – the Barwood and the Ellendale. Both have an optional retreat / 3rd bedroom upstairs. These are priced from $390,000

Standard Pacific Homes are building town green row homes from 2,126-2,201 sqft. They feature 2 master bedroom suites, a total of 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a covered roof deck on the top floor and start at $499,000. With lots of 22.5′ x 55′, they are spread over three stories (These are in Section 6)

Courtyard Row Homes – Attached

These are split between two builders in very different price points.
Standard Pacific Homes are well underway with their Section 6 / 1C1 Courtyard Row Homes on Ruiz Street. These have 4 bedrooms and 4-5 bathrooms spread over 3133-3682 sqft with three stories. They are between $805,000 and $820,000. With master bedrooms on the first floor, and a balcony on the second, the third floor is a lifestyle area – visioned as an entertaining area with a rooftop deck and provisions for a bar or serving area.
Streetman Homes are building the same Courtyard Row Homes in Section 7 that were so popular in Section 6 – drive along Berkman Drive and you’ll see them adjacent to the Streetman model – homes like the McKinney. They are two story, range from 1940-2280 sqft and start in the mid $400,000s and going up to just under $500,000 for the largest end units.
So that wraps things up for the market rate homes!

David Weekley: Only a few more Row Homes, Garden Homes and Yard Homes (not shown) for sale in Section 7


Mueller Site Plan YArd homes

Standard Pacific have a smattering of Yard Homes for sale in the new section


Streetman’s 15 new yard homes in Section and their Courtyard Row Homes

Urban Homes – Yard Homes

The newest addition to the Wes Peoples Homes in Mueller is their Urban Homes which are thoughtfully designed which is inspired by the history and authenticity of Austin. Each of these homes accentuates the unique qualities of Austin’s charm and outdoor culture exemplified in beautifully executed architecture. These homes are between 2,835 sq. ft to 2,844 sq. ft of livable space and listed at around $769,900 to $ $769,900.

Affordable Homes

Home StyleBuildersBeds Size (Sq. Ft.)Qualificaion
Row HomeDavid Weekley Homes21,282 - 1,361$60,300 annual income for a 4 person family
CondominiumStandard Pacific Homes31,338 - 1,625$60,300 annual income for a 4 person family
Row HomeStreetman Homes2-31,100 - 1,300$60,300 annual income for a 4 person family
The second set are the income qualified affordable homes – these are for families earning less than 80% of the Austin Median Family Income ($60,300 annual income for a 4 person family). Families qualifying for the program can choose from the following home styles in both Sections 6 and 7:
David Weekley Homes: 70 foot row homes which are 22.5′ wide and range from 1282-1361 sqft. These have 2 beds and 2.5 bathrooms
Standard Pacific Homes: Condominiums in their 6-home Mueller Houses from 1338 -1625 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
Streetman Homes: 55 foot row homes which are 25′ wide, 2-3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms from 1100-1300 sqft.

Section 7 – most of the right hand side is undeveloped

Previous Mueller Sections

Section 6 (or 1C1 as it is sometimes known) still has some availability. Call 512 215 4785 for details.

More information about Section 6 as new homes are built at Mueller:

  • 30 Yard Houses [completely sold – I moved from Section 4 to Section 6 to be in one of them!] by Standard Pacific and David Weekley, who have both built yard homes in the neighborhood. These are 35′ wide lots – in the past Stan Pac has built on 45′ wide and David Weekley have built on 35′, 55′ and the zero lot line Garden Court Homes
  • 62 Row Houses [sold] from Streetman. Streetman built their icon series / flex homes on Berkman, and David Weekley have built the bulk of the Row Homes in the neighborhood so far.
  • 14 Row Homes – these are David Weekley’s new market row homes and are selling in four buildings. They include fire suppression systems and tankless water heaters. Selling now!
  • 42 Garden Homes [sold] from David Weekley who have just built 49 Garden Homes between Threadgill and Hermalinda at the edge of the development near the old control tower.
  • 24 Mueller House Condominiums [still selling] in four buildings by Standard Pacific who have just built ten buildings of 40 condos.
  • 35 Courtyard Row Houses [sold] from Streetman – this is a new housing style in the neighborhood.
  • 14 Shop Houses [sold]– this is another new housing style to the development, with two rows of seven homes along the edges of a park space and the builder is Canadian firm Homes By Avi.

In addition to Section 6, Section 5 is completed.

  • 3 Town Houses [sold]by Alan Muskin who built half of the Garden Homes and many of the custom homes on Camacho Street.
  • Mueller House Condominiums [sold out] by Standard Pacific
  • 4 Custom Homes [sold] on Mattie Street on some of the largest lots in the neighborhood by David Weekley.

There were five prior phases of development up to 2011, and the 2012/2013 homes represent Section 6. Possible Section 7 areas might be around the Tower District, which may start development on the opposite side of Berkman, the Town Center area as it grows, and towards the Market District. All of this is under wraps right now – this is just my opinion as to where development is moving next in 2013 and beyond.

As a buyer’s agent, I specialize in representing buyers of new homes at Mueller, and the best thing about that is that it doesn’t cost any more to hire the expert – in fact it doesn’t cost you anything at all. If you are considering buying a new home, please get in touch early on in the process and I will make sure that you can be represented – I live a few minutes walk from all the model homes, so don’t hesitate to call my cell 512 215 4785 if you’re in the area. Alternatively, just mention that you’re working with Scott Brodrick at Sherlock Homes Austin when you first talk to the builder representatives, and we can take it from there. I have worked on many home purchases with each of the named builders above, and can bring my experience to make your experience easier.

The development started with a pioneer phase – governed largely by a lottery system. The second phase followed hot on the heels, and then the third phase. Section four and section five followed this, and the latest swathe of new construction is section six. Details of section seven have not been released as yet.

Check out homes for sale (not including all new homes). Better yet, if you’re considering buying a new home, get in touch or call / text 512 215 4785.