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Mueller Affordable Homes


Beautiful Affordable row homes

The Mueller Affordable Home Program is an income qualified scheme which lets you buy a home without paying the full price in your monthly mortgage payment.

If you’re tired of seeing homes in the $350,000 – $925,000 range at Mueller, and like the lifestyle, there’s a program which helps buyers like you call Mueller home. Homes start at just $155,000 in Mueller – with the same access to parks, pools and downtown as people who pay for the million dollar homes. We all know that the program administrators are sometimes hard to reach. The requirements are not as complex as they seem and in a few minutes we can show you:

  • Do you meet the income guidelines to start building equity in a home at Mueller for as little as $7750 down?
  • What are the different homes like – both new and resale for move in next month and a year from now? Yard homes, town homes, row homes, garden homes, condos – all explained!
  • Is renting or owning a better option for you?
  • What is the first step in getting approved for the scheme so you can start house shopping this week?
  • What can you do if you make more than the income guidelines?
  • What happens when you want to sell your home and how does your equity grow?
  • How to get a home at Mueller with a payment under $1200 a month

Spacious energy efficient 3 bedroom condos

Remember, we work on your behalf as your advocates and you don’t pay us a penny. So don’t delay – call 512 215 4785 and let us help you on your way to Mueller home ownership. Or just fill out the form below.

We’ve helped dozens of people go from curious googlers to happy homeowners in both new and resale homes, and we can help you too! A few minutes could help you figure out if this program is right for you, and whether you can be cashing in on the Austin real estate boom right now!

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