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New Homes



There are several different home styles available at Mueller and there are condos, town homes, shop homes, and a variety of different garden and courtyard homes. There are also detached houses or yard homes. Catellus does a great job of attracting attention to the development – hardly a week goes by without an event in the neighborhood which allows them to promote the latest releases. All of this means that there is a healthy demand to move here.

Which often means that the builders are working off a waiting list when the initial release of a particular style of housing is announced. To get the pick of the new home opportunities, it pays to be on that list – get in touch and I can make sure you are. As the new homes for 2014 move-in are released, they won’t be listed on the MLS until the list of pre-registered buyers has been run through.



All of the custom homes are currently accounted for though I would anticipate some larger lots as the development heads East of Berkman Drive, and perhaps even some larger offerings near the Town Center as that starts to develop further. Several of the custom homes have changed hands since 2008/2009 but there are no large lots on which to build custom homes as of this time.

I live within 3 minutes walk of two of the model homes in the neighborhood and keep up to date on current and planned inventory. I would like to work with you as a buyers’ agent. It doesn’t cost you any more to hire the Mueller expert. In fact it doesn’t cost you anything at all. Get in touch and I can help you find the new home that you are looking for.

Feel free to call me at 512 215 4785 if you are interested in new homes at Mueller.