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About Us

We are Scott Brodrick and Garreth Wilcock – two veteran real estate agents who take care of business in Mueller and beyond- here’s what we have to say:

Scott Brodrick

Scott_BrodrickI’m an Austinite, through and through. No doubt about it, I love it here! My whole career has been spent in Austin and I’ve been in business here for over 30 years (thirty!). I’ve lived all over this town. I went to grad school at the University of Texas – Austin.


My kids were born here and went to school here, too. This is my home. My whole business life has been spent fully focused on you, the client, because I know customer service is the heart of this business – along with integrity, experience, and hard work. No excuses, and no short cuts. I’m a great negotiator and I know this business, the people, and the Mueller neighborhood.
This is a great place to live and a great place to raise a family. If you want somebody to advocate for you and has your best interests at heart, then you came to the right place! It is about you. Let’s do this!

“Integrity. Experience. Hard work. Every time.”

If you’re interested in Mueller Austin Homes for sale, give us a call at 512 215 4785, or get in touch using the form.


Garreth Wilcock

Mueller RealtorI loved living at Mueller and I would say I’m a neighborhood enthusiast as well as a Realtor. I like helping people, my clients describe me as smart and effective.

I’m an Austin Realtor though I now reside in the UK.

I was a Mueller pioneer which means my family was in the lottery for the first homes built in our ‘hood. We moved in on February 29th 2008, and were some of the first people on McCloskey Street to do so. In 2013 we moved to Section 6 to a home on McBee Street, and we tearfully left Mueller in 2014 to live in the UK.

I’m English, studying at Oxford University and the London School of Economics before being part of a technology startup. I moved to Austin in 2004. I moved around Austin a great deal before finding the East side, and have lived in 78723 since 2006. Being European by birth, I was drawn to the design of Mueller, the idea of a community which would house its own amenities – pools, parks, grocery and town center, and a neighborhood that I could both walk around and one that would be worth walking around.

I’m an EcoBroker which is a designation I earned following my interest in sustainable and energy efficient home development, and which means I am qualified to market and sell green homes. All homes at Mueller conform to at least one green building standard, so that comes in handy!

Given that most of real estate brokerage hinges around negotiation, I trained and earned my Certified Negotiation Expert designation, and since the boom in real estate technology I trained to earn my Internet Marketing Specialist Designation.

I have two children who like the sun more than I do, and I like to write, take photos, run, swim, bicycle and to try new things -cars, kickboxing, motorbikes, boxing, aikido, hang-gliding, trapeze and anything else you care to suggest. I’ve ridden a motorbike across the Sahara, walked across Scotland and cycled across France – I like to travel.

I used to have a London taxi, but given that it didn’t have air-conditioning, and after taking a bunch of photos, I decided to sell it. Still, I keep the picture up here as I like it.

If you’re interested in Mueller Austin Homes for sale, give us a call at 512 215 4785, or get in touch using the form.